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Behold, The World’s Most Dangerous Road!

We dare you to drive here.

Imagine this: A road 66 miles long with 29 hairpin bends, NO safety railings, and still open to the public. This is the Bayburt D915 in Turkey, hailed by as the world’s most dangerous road. It gives a whole new meaning to “highway to hell”.

Turkey’s “Highway to Hell”

Turkey's "Highway to Hell"

Located in the foothills of the 6,000-foot-high Soganli Mountain, the road has claimed many lives of drivers who plunged to their doom when they slipped off the road’s edge.

The view from the side…

The view from the side...

It was said that “you cannot turn at some of the bends in a single manoeuvre”, making the road even more dangerous. Unbelievably, locals still use the highway, although portions of the road are closed during winter because of ice and snow blizzards.

Look, Ma, no railings!

Look, Ma, no railings!

Terrifying bends…

Terrifying bends...

The Bayburt D915 even edged out the Death Road in Bolivia in terms of riskiness levels. In second place is the Keylong-Kishtwar Road in India, while the Skippers Canyon Road in New Zealand is in third place.

The ‘Death Road’ in Bolivia is mostly a single-lane road with no guard rails. Highest point is at 1,968 feet.

The 'Death Road' in Bolivia is mostly a single-lane road with no guard rails. Highest point is at 1,968 feet.

The Skippers Canyon Road in New Zealand’s South Island is extremely narrow and made of gravel.

The Skippers Canyon Road in New Zealand's South Island is extremely narrow and made of gravel.

Watch this video of truly brave bikers driving on the Bayburt D915:

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These Affordable Islands For Rent Are Your Next Vacation Destinations

These islands are for rent and they are easy on the budget, too. Live the high life the way you’ve always dreamed of on your next vacation at any of these perfect hideaways.

Thinking of where to go on your next vacation? Why don’t you ditch the usual staycation at a hotel or a trip to the beach and instead rent a whole island just to yourself. Live the life of your favourite celebrity as you rent any one of these islands for a week or two. All you need is a bit of imagination, adventure and perhaps some bug spray, too.

These islands are affordably for rent on AirBNB:

Bird Island - Placencia, Belize


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#1. The Pole House, Australia

The Pole House (Australia)

The Pole House
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Beneath the ground, lies a world waiting to be discovered.

The cities of today are continuing to show off tall buildings and skyscrapers that seem to touch the sky, but what not a lot of people realize is that beneath the grounds, civilization can also thrive.

Underground cities have long existed in ancient times; most of them are now remnants of an old civilization and are being opened to tourists. Other countries are developing them as a place where people can shop and dine, and take refuge from the blistering cold. Here are nine of the most awesome underground places.

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