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Woman Caught on CCTV Spraying Perfume All Over Her Crotch

The woman clearly wanted to smell really fresh.






If you have run out of your favorite perfume or you simply forgot to put some on before leaving the house, there’s simply nothing to worry about when there are testers available in shops. Most of us have sneaked in a spray or two using perfume testers, but for one woman, it just had to be a liberal amount of the fragrance.

The woman in question was seen in an embarrassing CCTV footage trying to check if the coast is clear before spraying the perfume not only on the wrist and neck but on her underwear and her thighs. It remains to be seen where this footage originated from.

This woman clearly wanted to smell really fresh by taking a perfume out of a store shelf.

She checked to see if anyone was looking.

She then started to lift her skirt up and spray the perfume all over her crotch.

What she didnt’ realize is that she’s been caught on tape.

While there’s practically nothing wrong with what the woman did, it was a bit embarrassing to have been caught on tape, especially after it was reported by different news outlets. Others believe that it’s unfair for the woman to be publicly shamed for what she did.

A few have commented that the woman committed theft, but there are many others who jumped to her defense, seeing that she didn’t even steal anything. After all, the perfume was not placed in a box and didn’t have a lid on, which most probably means that she used a tester.

Other than that, there is also the concern that anyone of us can be ridiculed in public just because we were caught doing something funny on a security camera.

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60 of the Most Savage Responses People Received From Their Exes

Remember: Don’t ever expect to receive beautiful responses from your former lover, especially when you’re the one who broke up with him/her.




Remember the time when you hated your ex too much that you wanted him dead? Like seriously, you hoped for him to be run over by a truck or something. Nah, just kidding (though it might be true to some of you). Truth is, we all have ugly experiences with our past lovers. Otherwise, we would still be with them today.

In this modern society where communication is just one click or tap away, contacting or being contacted is just so easy. In fact, it can even be tempting for the exes to get in touch with their former significant others. Unfortunately, for them, some people chose to move on and forget everything about their bad experience. You definitely don't want to experience the rejection they went through.

Well, without further ado, below is a compilation of people coming up with the perfect response to their exes’ unsolicited advances. And believe it or not, most of them are like the work of the devil. Scroll down and judge for yourself!

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Poor Toddler Struggles For His Life After Simple Cough Gets Worse In 24 Hours

Now his father is trying to warn other parents to watch out for signs and symptoms.

Mark Andrew



If you’re a parent and you have the tendency to ignore your kid’s ‘simple’ cough, you might want to listen up. According to a father of a 3-year-old boy, such a common problem can actually lead to a serious, life-threatening condition – just like what his child experienced firsthand.

The reports tell us that Reuben Humphreys, who is 3 years of age, was rushed to a hospital in England and was left struggling for his life because of a cough that went horribly wrong.

Reuben ended up staying at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary intensive care unit.

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15 Horrible Tattoos That Scream NO REGERTS

Jokes are fine, but don’t over-commit it to the point that it sticks with you for the rest of your life.

Mark Lester Celozar



It goes without saying that bad decisions and permanent choices go hand in hand in the worst possible way. Whenever you’re making a life-changing decision, you have to think about it not only once, not only twice, but at least a hundred times to make sure you’re choosing the right one - marriage, house, career… tattoos.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in this world that don’t think too much when it comes to body art. Worse is that they often make the decision while inebriated. It’s not that hard to think about the fact that you’re stuck with that skin for the rest of your life. Yes, we have laser treatment now, but damn it if that’s not an expensive solution.

That’s not meant to rag on body art. As a matter of fact, they are amazing if done right. However, should you decide to get one for yourself, make sure to avoid joining the ranks of these people below:

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