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Are You Uniquely Creative? Highly Logical? Take This Perception Test To Find Out!





Given the ease of finding out things through the internet, more and more people are enjoying finding more about themselves through Personality Tests. Some can be highly clinical and professional tests even used in corporation screening processes such as the famous Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. However tests like that require you to answer a lengthy and redundant questionnaire!

But fret no more, if you still want to get to know your inner personality using a fun and creative way, then this test is for you. This artistic personality test makes use of the science behind a person’s perception and cognition ability. Cognition tests have been around since the 1880s and is one of the earliest Psychometric tests. There are variations to this test, but this one just asks the test-taker about how they perceive a certain picture given the many interpretations behind it.

So want to know whether you are an artistic or creative mind, logical one or adventurous one? Take this test and have fun! And of course don’t forget to share your results and share this test to your friends as well.

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