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Video Shows Dog Desperately Trying to Revive Dead Pal After Being Hit By a Car

He kept pawing his friend’s dead body like he was waking him up. It’s just so sad.


Everyone knows that dogs are remarkably loyal animals. They’d do anything for their masters even if it means risking their own lives. Countless stories prove that.

Many people think that mutts are only faithful to the humans who feed and care for them. Some pet owners would probably disagree. I, for one, am a witness to how protective and loving my two dogs are with each other, and they’re not even siblings. This video is another proof.

A truck driver saw a pup vigorously pawing another dog that lay dead on the side of the road. A car hit the canine and whoever did it just left the poor pooch in the street. His friend incessantly pawed him like he was desperately trying to wake or revive his buddy. He also nibbled his pal’s body to see if that would help, but of course, it didn’t.

His attempts were futile, and it was truly heartbreaking, especially when the dog barked and looked around as if asking for help.

Watch this and tell us what you think.

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Dog Cries with Relief When She Sees Men Coming to Rescue Her From a 50-Foot Dry Well

There seemed to be hope and relief in her voice when she saw them.

Dogs can't verbalize, but that doesn't mean they cannot communicate with us. The various sounds they produce---the barking, growling, howling, whimpering, or whining---all have meanings. They aren't just noises; it's their way of expressing their needs, wants, and feelings to us.

Take, for instance, this dog named Ruby. The pooch fell down a 50-foot well and needed help. The villagers near Udaipur heard her cries and called Animal Aid India. The rescuers immediately responded.


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This Cool Device Lets You ‘Talk’ to Your Pets at Home, Wherever You Are

PetChatz allows you and your pet to communicate anytime, anywhere.

We've seen videos of pets expectantly waiting for their beloved humans at home. They sit on the couch, wait by the door, or stare out the window looking sad. Most of us know how heartbreaking it is to see them like that; however, there's nothing we can do about it. We all leave the house every once in a while, and it's inevitable.

If only we could bring our dogs and cats anywhere we need to go. If only we could talk to them and reassure them that we're coming back home soon.

Fortunately, in this day and age, nothing is impossible, especially in terms of communication. If we can communicate with our friends and family wherever we are, we can now do the same with our pets.

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20 Cute Dog Snaps that will make you Rate your Own Hounds

Can you rate these dogs cuteness? I’ll give them all a hundred out of 10 🙂

Every dog has their own cuteness. Of course, they hold a beauty of their own. The dog owners, on the other hand, believe that their pets possess an ability that no other dogs have. Certainly, they will love their own and brag about it. Who else will love your dog but you (aside from the onlookers who rate your pup’s cuteness)?

Speaking of rating dogs for their looks and skills, there is this page on Twitter called We Rate Dogs. This account is solely for dog owners and their hounds. Here, you will see adorable snaps of different canines, from big to small. You can even send the photo of your own pup and they will rate it based on his looks and your story.

Don’t worry, they give good ratings. From 0 to 10 with a hilarious comment that will make your pet instantly famous and loved. So, check out these 20 snaps that will make you question yourself if you have already seen the cutest dogs on the planet.

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