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This Guy’s Life Appears Awesome on Facebook But Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth

Facebook can be depressing because everyone else’s lives seem better than yours… But are they really?


If you haven’t noticed. It seems like everyone on Facebook appears to have an awesome life. Fun adventures, best romances, amazing jobs, delicious foods, cool gadgets. It’s more than enough to make you feel inadequate, but it’s also a big lie. Nobody is really having an awesome life contrary to what their Facebook wall claims, as depicted in this accurate short film from HigtonBrothers.

Facebook is now widely known as a narcissistic playground where most people broadcasts the best, the funniest, and the most charming aspects of their lives. While the crappy and boring parts that we normally encounter everyday usually never gets posted.

Watch how Facebook distorts the reality of people’s lives.

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This Isolated Boy’s First Conversation Will Move You To Tears

This is the touching story of an isolated deaf boy who learns to communicate for the first time.


This is how 15-year-old Patrick Otema was described by documentary-maker Kiki King.

“Trapped in his own mind.”

Born profoundly deaf, Patrick never had a single conversation in his life due to the lack of schools dedicated for deaf-mutes in a remote village called Agago in Uganda.

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Awesome Dog Pushes Wheelchair for Disabled Owner Every Day…Truly a Heartwarming Story

Fu is an 86-year-old man with no legs…what his dog does every day is truly awesome…


Dogs are man’s best friends – a cliché that holds true in most situations. Across the world, dogs have proven time and again how valuable they are to men. Yes, there are also plenty of news about dog attacks and other horrid situations involving dogs, but those are often attributed to abusive owners and abused or baited ferocious canines.

dog and man - Copy

In Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, a disabled old man, aged 86, is helped by his loyal dog every single day.

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What This Paralyzed Groom Did To Surprise Bride On Their Wedding Will Make You Smile.

The groom and his friends thought of an amazing surprise.


A paralysed groom did something unbelievable for his bride. After encountering a tragic motorcycle accident following a 10-month tour in Afghanistan in 2012, Sgt. Joey Johnson was paralysed from the chest down. He has been using a wheelchair since then.

According to his wife Michelle, Joey suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after his stint in Afghanistan. This made him turn into motorcycle riding. Unfortunately, Joey got into an accident just four months after meeting Michelle at a country music concert.

But Joey’s condition didn’t stop him from making Michelle’s dreams come true on their special day. In order for Joey to get up and dance with his bride, his friends created a special harness for him to use on their wedding day. Of course, Michelle didn’t have a single clue about that.

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