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10 Things You Should Never Ever Share On Social Media

Things you will surely regret sharing on Facebook…

The era of social media is at its peak. It is now becoming part of our lives. Whether you like it or not, you will be branded as outdated or old-fashioned if you are not inclined to it.

Social media is one of the easiest mediums to make acquaintances, relate to other people and stay connected with your friends and loved ones. Its influence has quickly spread all throughout the world because it is easy to use, efficient, cheaper and fast. From time to time, you can update anyone where you are, what you have, what you know, how you do it, your anger, remorse, happiness, and wonderful experiences. Just one click of a button, all of your friends will simultaneously relate and be connected to you in a matter of seconds. Who would not like it, right?

However, such wonderful benefits of social media will have corresponding consequences if not properly utilize. If you are not responsible with what you post, it can become your worst nightmare and you will just end up regretting it for the rest of your life. Hence, the famous quote for social media users, “think before you click.” The moment you post or upload something on social media, it will stay there until you change your mind and remove it. But even after you do that your friends who already saw it will remember that post forever! To protect yourself from any adverse effects that results from misuse of the social media, check out this important things that you should never post in any social networks.

#1. Relationship problems.


Photo credit: HuffingtonPost

If you are having a fight or love quarrel with your partner, do not rant on social media. That is the kind of situation that people don’t need and want to know. People can immediately judge you and your partner since you have given them idea about it. Usually, the story you posted will change over time. And I am not really sure that it is helpful and healthy for your relationship. Instead, talk to your partner and it might still be resolved. Otherwise, keep it to yourself. Don’t let anyone know the history of your relationships. Frankly speaking, it is not worth reading for others.

#2. Pictures of your exposed and naked body.


Photo credit: LozanoJack

There is no need for you to show and expose your body. It is really quite inappropriate unless you have that rocking body! Kidding aside, being used as an icon of desire and fantasy is not something that you should be proud of. Take note, despite the age restrictions, children and teenagers alike are also using these social media. If there is still some respect left for yourself, avoid this kind of posting.

#3. Vices such as drugs and alcohol.


Photo credit: Business Insider

One important thing that you should not also be proud of and let anyone know about it is your bad side. Come on, I don’t think people will be fascinated and delighted if ever you will post something like this. It is just ridiculous. Remember, once posted, it becomes open to the public. Everyone can see it including your boss, law enforcer and your family who is already embarrassed of what you did. Just recently, a famous boy band has posted something about their pot sessions while on tour, were their fans and other people pleased about it? Hell no! They were ridiculed and law enforces were also investigating where the prohibited drugs came from.

#4. Personal opinions.


Photo credit: HuffingtonPost

Your personal opinion only matters when someone asks for it. Otherwise, keep it to yourself. That is why it is called “personal” opinion. Don’t just post whatever is in your mind. Hold it back! In case, you really can not help yourself but express that unsolicited opinion, make sure that your facts are straight and with factual basis. But to play safe, just keep your fingers out from the keyboard.

#5. Money, bank details, and jewelries.


Photo credit: thezebraproject

When I said that we are at the peak of social media since everyone is already using it because of its efficiency, it includes robbers, thieves, and burglars. Yup, they are high tech too! If a company uses social media for their marketing to attract and widen their market, the robbers use it to search and widen their target and prospects. Believe me, they also do social networking. It makes their job easier. Hence, don’t boast about your wealth and treasures. You might lose them in an instant or worse you’ll just risk your life and safety.

#6. Posting something that will humiliate your friends.

I guess it is only normal to make fun of your friends, especially, if they are very close to you. They will understand it. And they will not even be annoyed and irritated about it. But don’t expect that they will not do something to get back to you. For sure, they are already thinking something that is more embarrassing than what you have posted against them. You just wait and see.

#7. Posting uncopyrighted works and concepts.


Photo credit: BBC

If you feel like you are quite a talented person and some of your works are worth sharing for. Don’t forget to stamp your name on them before posting or sharing. If you failed to do, it will only take a matter of seconds before your unique work will get stolen. Again, without the copyright, once posted, they become public and anyone can repost and share them even without giving the credits back to you.

#8. Publicizing personal conversations.


Photo credit: Youtube

Don’t be ridiculous, that is why we call it “personal” because the message is intended for your eyes only or for the two of you. It is a private matter and it should, by all means, never be posted in public. It is really disrespectful if you post your conversation with someone. Not unless, there is the consent from the other party.

#9. Sharing too much information.


Photo credit: plzrt

You have to understand that people do not care to know about some of the details in your life. It’s really not necessary for them and it’s highly inappropriate for you. There is no need to inform everyone that you have just farted, saw your dog ate something nasty and the way you washed the toilet. Believe me, nobody on Facebook would really want to hear those things. It’s totally unpleasant and disgusting.

#10. Confidential information.


Photo credit: Google Images

Your right! your personal information such as contact number, address and birthday should be taken with utmost confidentiality. Hence, they should be kept secret and at any circumstances, not be shared. Don’t be a fool. With such personal information, thieves can easily steal your identity which is already rampant nowadays. And I am pretty sure, you will not be happy with it.

H/T: thedishh


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