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Traffic Accident Leads To Amazing Surprise For Motorcycle Rider





Vehicle accidents are no joke. One woman discovered that her boyfriend sprawled face down in the middle of a busy street. However, the incident actually led to a truly unexpected surprise.

The video shows the man lying face down on the road with his motorcycle still standing beside him. Luckily, he is protected from oncoming traffic by a vehicle parked behind him. Suddenly, a woman on a motorcycle comes running towards the fallen man.

This woman is about to get a completely unexepected surprise.

The police hold her back from the sprawled motorist. She tries to touch him but is stopped. The police try to confirm if she knows the man. She admits through tears that she is his girlfriend.

The woman is clearly distraught with the sight of her boyfriend’s unmoving body. The police asked her to stand back as they try to move him.

Watch the video below:

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Luckily, the man is conscious but possibly in pain. The police try to help him up. He struggles to get to his feet and falls back down. Needless to say, the woman is greatly concerned that her boyfriend is suffering from serious injuries.

He certainly looks like he is in great pain. However, there is a different reason why he is struggling. With great flourish, he produces a ring box and presents it to his girlfriend.

The distressed woman bursts into tears and hugs a nearby police officer. After a while, the obviously uninjured boyfriend rises to his feet and the police produce a bouquet of flowers. He finally manages to calm the woman down and place the ring onto her finger before they hugged.

It’s an awesome proposal that has gone viral. Although some are happy for the couple, there are others who were concerned that the set-up actually messed up with traffic in the area. Nevertheless, we are wishing the couple luck on their upcoming wedding.

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