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Artist Stuns Everyone by Painting His Masterpieces Using Both Hands!

Mark Andrew





Some people are just extremely talented. You know, like this guy who not only creates amazing paintings but does that using both hands at the same time.

That may sound ridiculously unbelievable but yes, this young painter can do exactly that.

Thijme Termaat, 29, has gained massive popularity online after his YouTube video went viral on social media. The said video shows the artist from Holland using his left and right hands while painting his masterpieces.

29-year-old painter Thijme Termaat creates his masterpieces using both hands.

Thijme Termaat painter 6

Source: YouTube

It’s really impressive as it is mind-blowing. What an exceptional skill, right?

Check out some of his works below:


Thijme Termaat painter 1


Thijme Termaat painter 2


Thijme Termaat painter 3


Thijme Termaat painter 4


Thijme Termaat painter 5

After watching the clip and browsing his site, I instantly became a fan of Termaat. His paintings are incredibly detailed and surreal. His choice of colors are so vibrant. And he does it all with his two hands so that’s really something!

Now watch Thijme Termaat in action here:

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Regarding the success of the short video, Thijme said:

“When I Paint was launched on the internet, the kindest comments and heartwarming messages started rushing in from all over the world. In amazement we watched the view counter go from zero to three hundred K in the first three days. Articles and posts about I Paint appeared on hundreds of web sites, the work was shared by thousands on the net and television stations from abroad invited me for interviews. It was a thrilling period and I had never anticipated that this work would be such a success. Sure, I was very positive about it in advance, but this was just far beyond expectation.”

If you’re curious about his stuff and want to purchase some of his originals, you can check out his website. Otherwise, those interested to simply follow the artist can like his Facebook page.

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