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Teen Meets Doctor Who Saved Her Life For Free When She Was A Sick Baby





Some stories are truly just amazing. While a simple photo shared by a young girl on social media merely shows the teen with an older woman, its caption reveals that the woman was the doctor who once saved her life when she was a sickly little baby. Amazingly, the doctor performed an operation on the baby completely free of charge.

Arabelle Garciano from Tagbilaran City in Cebu, Philippines posted the picture on Twitter. It shows the high school student with Dr. Maribel Du, a pediatric surgeon from University of Cebu Medical Center. Garciano revealed that she was once a sick baby who happened to have a cyst on her chest. Although Garciano’s mother didn’t have any money, Dr. Du agreed to operate on the baby for free.

It was truly an amazing reunion for the teen and the doctor who saved her. Garciano immediately shared the story so people would know about Dr. Du’s amazing kindness and generosity.

“17 years ago, a sickly baby needed an operation because she has a cyst on her chest. The mother only has ₱40 ($0.75) on her wallet. But this doctor operated [on] the child. For free,” Garciano wrote.

Dr. Du’s selfless act of kindness certainly paid off. Garciano admitted that she has every intention to pay it forward.

“And that is why I need to become a doctor. I need to share the same kindness I was lucky enough to receive,” she wrote.

Garciano is planning to study medicine so she can be a doctor like her savior.

Garciano’s post has reached thousands of netizens who were truly moved by the story. “Thanks for sharing your story to the world. Because we need this kind of stories nowadays,” one comment read. “God bless your heart, dear! May others be also inspired by your humble experience,” another netizen wrote.

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