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Smart Child Completes Famous Proverbs, Gives Profoundly Hilarious Answers





Kids, because of their innocence and honesty, can be so darn cute. Case in point, they sometimes say the funniest things without even realizing it.

I remember one day when, while extremely busy working at home, my 3-year-old boy just wouldn’t quit calling my name. He was inside our room, reading a book. He kept at it even when I’ve told him to wait more times than I can count.

Eventually, I had no choice but to get off my computer and come to him. He then hit me with a very important question: “Would you like to go to outer space with me?”

Extremely unbelievable, right? And so annoyingly adorable too, I must admit.

Now consider little Bella who has easily won the hearts and laughs of netizens across the world. The post below, shared on Imgur by her mom’s friend, is a clear testament to the child’s wit. According to the caption, the little girl tried doing her homework on her own, filling in missing phrases on famous proverbs.

Read on and we bet you’ll find yourself laughing for minutes.

Source: Imgur

As the caption tells us:

“One of my friends just sent me her kid’s homework. After the answer at the bottom, I realize this kid is going places.”

Frankly, I realized from the first three answers alone that this kid is awesome.

Although sure, I love that bit about Darth Vader. That’s totally hilarious! You really can’t argue with her logic. If I were his father, I’d be so damn proud.

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