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Dad Left Outraged After Police Storms Hotel Room Where He Checked In With His Daughter




  • Jon Coupland, 58, was interrogated by the police after checking in a hotel room with his 13-year-old daughter.
  • According to reports, someone informed the police about “suspicious behavior with a child.”
  • Naturally, the single father is upset by the false accusation.

A single father from Lincolnshire, England got into trouble with the police after checking in at a hotel with his teen daughter. 58-year-old Jon Coupland was in Nottingham for a work-related trip. He took 13-year-old Jessica with him so she could check out local stores and shop before going back to school.

Much to their shock and surprise, cops later stormed their room in Jury’s Inn. Apparently, the authorities received a report about “suspicious behavior involving a child”

Naturally, Coupland was upset about the entire experience.

Coupland, who has had custody of his daughter ever since she was a 3-month-old baby, shared that Jury’s Inn seemed like a great choice so he booked a room there. Upon their arrival, he was asked to present an ID while they were checking in. Although he was surprised by the unusual request, he complied and got his driver’s license from his vehicle. They were eventually allowed to check in.

Unknown to him, it was only going to be the start of a nightmare. In less than an hour, four police officers came over and began interrogating him.

The single dad said that his teen kept crying because of the bizarre incident.

Jessica is half Thai as she is Coupland’s daughter with an illegal immigrant from Thailand named Kajchi Jiraekkaphob.

“I am absolutely disgusted by the behavior of the hotel and the police… They knew I was her dad but they kept asking questions,” he said. “They would not have done this if my daughter wasn’t half Thai.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from the police department confirmed the incident and said:

“Officers were quick to arrive at the scene and established that the child was safe and well and no offences had been committed. Nottinghamshire takes child welfare very seriously and will respond to any reports of concern from the public.”

Meanwhile, a Jury’s Inn representative declined to comment on the incident.

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