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A Simple Video of a Girl Planting Flowers Got More Than 10 Million Views on YouTube





So there are videos that sometimes just doesn’t make sense. This one with a girl planting flowers should be one of them. The girl, identified as Katie, is wearing a really low cut dress-blouse that, yes, displays her physical “assets”.

It’s so low that they threaten to spill out of her neckline. “Planting” doesn’t even seem to be a correct description for the clip, as this girl just keeps shoving and mixing dirt in a pot.

She keeps asking the person taking the video for planting tips while she goes on with her business with the dirt in the pot.

“I just wanna know if you know anything about Earth,” she says in a European accent, looking up to the person taking the video. She IS conscious of her breasts threatening to flash the viewers anytime now, as she keeps adjusting the straps of whatever she is wearing.

“I should really change this top,” she says. “It’s so embarrassing.”

She keeps saying “I’m sorry, I’m so embarrassed” as she goes on her “planting.” She replies to the person behind the camera and from the sound of it, he or she was giving her tips.

It’s wild, really. We have no idea if this was filmed as a joke, if Katie really was intent on planting something or just using it as an opportunity to show her abundant bosoms.

Of course, we all expect the comments section to be just as wild.

“I have no idea what she’s saying but does it really matter? Lol,” says kravin moorhead.

“Planting flowers or harvesting melons?” a user named Palenquero asked.

”I’d like to see her planting tulips , planting Her two lips between my legs,” says Wayne Worley.

“I suddenly have a strange yearning for some melons and some whole milk,” ShooterJ 628 commented.

The video got more than 10 million views so far on YouTube. Whoever is behind this thing definitely knows what he or she is doing.

So we guess you want to find out why it became so popular?

Watch the video here:

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