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Experts Detected Mysterious ‘Thermal Anomalies’ at the Pyramids of Giza





Cairo, Egypt— Antiquities Minister, Mamduh al-Damati announced that latest scans on the 4,500-year-old pyramids of Giza reveal “several thermal anomalies”, which may suggest that there are “voids behind the surface.”

According to a statement released by the ministry, the scans reveal “a particularly impressive one (anomaly) located on the Eastern side of the Khufu pyramid at ground level.” The Khufu or Cheops pyramid is the largest of three pyramids at Giza. Technical experts also identified anomalies at the smaller Khafre pyramid and at the two pyramids in Dahshur.


Photo credit: Philippe Bourseiller for HIP. Institute/ Faculty of Engineering Cairo/ Ministry of Antiquities

Experts searching for possible hidden chambers in the burial structures detected higher temperatures in some stones two weeks into their scientific mission called Operation Scans Pyramid.


Photo credit: Philippe Bourseiller

Experts conduct thermal scanning throughout the day to analyze the speed of the heating and cooling phases of the pyramids. They use lasers, drones, infrared thermography, and other non-invasive techniques to visualize and detect unknown internal structures within pyramids such as empty chambers and internal air currents. Experts also use thermal scanning to understand the pyramids’ construction processes.

Pointing at the stones that showed higher temperatures, al-Damati said,“The first row of the pyramid’s stones are all uniform, then we come here and find that there’s a difference in the formation.

Picture of Jean Claude Barre of Heritage Innovation Preservation (HIP)


Photo credit: EPA

“There is something like a small passage in the ground that you can see, leading up to the pyramids ground, reaching an area with a different temperature. What will be behind it?” the ministry said while observing the area.

“Khufu will offer us today one of its secrets,” al-Damati said.


Photo credit: EPA

The experts will conduct further treatment and analysis on the all the data they have collected. Al-Damati invited Egyptologists to join in the research and help formulate hypotheses behind the anomalies.

Hopefully, the experts will be able to unearth hidden treasures and secret tombs in the only surviving monument of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

H/T: CNN, The Telegraph


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