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The Science Behind Why Men Keep On Looking At Other Women, Especially At The Beach.

Women, calm down when your man keeps on checking other girls. Science is behind it.

Men tend to look at other women more than women look at other men. Women, on the other hand, tend to remember more than men. When these two attributes are put together, the end result may become chaotic and heated arguments cannot be avoided.

One example of this male-female difference happen during a trip to the beach. You see, men almost always look at other women, no matter what they look like or what they are wearing. Women notice this and for them, it is a sign of their partner’s dissatisfaction.

In the video below, an expert from Prager University explains the scientific information linked to this gender traits, including what men really think, feel and remember when they look at other women. It is an interesting watch and we can’t help but curve a smile on our faces while watching it as we can relate to most of the points made!

Watch the video here:

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It may be hard to believe but an expert had said it: men just tend to look at other women because it is their nature BUT they often forget about who or what they saw in a matter of seconds. Women, relax. And men, oh well, please try to show your wife/ girlfriend a little extra love after looking at other women as per your natural instinct.

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