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Controversial Young Stand-Up Comedian Shocks Crowds With Her Highly Inappropriate Jokes

Saffron Herndon is just 11 years old – and she’s has got a sick sense of humor.

#6. I only have half a soul.


#7. Crackers vs brownies.


#8. Van Halen.


#9. Having a job builds character.


#10. Holding onto anger.


Watch Saffron Herndon’s hilarious performance here:

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23 Funny Photos That Show What It’s Like To Have Siblings

We all love our siblings, but there comes a point when trolling them is the best form of entertainment we can find.

Whether you come from a big family or a small one, you have to admit that there's a special bond that you share with your siblings. They're your partner in crime, best friend, worst enemy, greatest rival, and more.

So to appreciate your sibling even more, here are some photos you'll definitely want to look at together for a good laugh.

1. How could you?


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New Mother Gets Billed With Additional $40 So She Can Hold Her Baby

Unbelievable! Has anyone ever experienced this?

Contrary to popular belief, delivering a baby via cesarean section isn’t as easy or as safe. As with all kinds of surgical procedures, a c-section has its risks and it only needs to be performed to a patient when necessary.

Not to mention that it is also typically more expensive compared with normal delivery!

So it’s pretty ridiculous – and downright annoying – when on top of all the usual bills, you discover that the hospital has charged a new mother for something as simple as touching her infant....

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Jewish Family Saved by Muslim Family During Holocaust Paid Them Back in Bosnian Genocide

In a twist you only think you’d see in movies, this Jewish family returns the favor by saving a Bosnian Muslim family who helped them during the Holocaust.

When the Germans invaded Yugoslavia in 1941, they seized the city of Sarajevo and opened a Gestapo office. In that very street where the Gestapo opened their office, there lived a kind Muslim family, the Hardagas.

The Hardaga family, husband and wife Mustafa and Zejneba,had a Jewish friend and business partner named Yosef Kabiljo. Due to the brutality against Jews, the Hardaga decided to take in the Kabiljo family, which includes Yosef, his wife, and his daughter. They were hidden in the back of a walk-in closet whenever the Gestapo officers checked citizens for documents.

Zejneba Hardaga (far right, wearing a veil) and Rifka Kabiljo walking along the streets of Sarajevo with their children.


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