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Netizens Are Disgusted After YouTuber Kisses His Sister As A “Prank”





It’s one of those facepalm moments when you realize the world has gone crazy enough to do something like this – and then proudly post it online for everyone else to see.

As if the idea of French kissing a sibling isn’t riduculous enough, YouTuber Chris Monroe captured everything on camera and posted it on his PrankInvasion channel.

In a controversial video entitled “Kissing My Actual Sister Prank,” Chris introduced Kaitlyn O’Connor, who is his half-sister, according to him.

Earlier that day, Chris posted a picture of himself and Kaitlyn on Instagram promising that he will kiss her on camera if he gets enough number of likes.

Chris captioned the image:

“Had such an amazing time with one of my little sister’s on St. Patrick’s Day! You’re my half-sister but it honestly doesn’t feel like it — so thankful we’ve stayed so close all our lives. Go follow her and show her love!

“If this photo gets 30,000 likes…me and my sis will kiss on YouTube!”

After hitting the target, he went into her room and explained his plan. Although initially a bit hesitant about the idea, Kaitlyn later gives in to her brother’s “quick game” and so they lock lips.

“This feels awkward,” Chris commented but also assures Kaitlyn that the kiss is a “one time life experience, we won’t forget this, it will like bond us.”

Kaitlyn later said she “never wants to do that again.”

You can watch the video here:

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Although the video has since gained more than 3 million views, the prank has been hit by a lot of backlash from disgusted netizens. Case in point, the video has way more dislikes than likes as of this writing.

A YouTube user also commented:

“100% The way you kept pulling her back for more… this was no prank… you were enjoying every bit of it…. Gross.”

Another pointed out:

“I’m not sure this guy knows what the definition of “prank” is.”

Meanwhile, there are also others who are saying it’s possible that everything is staged since Chris is known for hiring people to pose as “strangers” for his other prank videos.

Well one thing’s certain here: this YouTuber is so hungry for fame he’ll do anything to get those views.

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