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Hilarious Prank Has Door Knocker That Comes to Life and Yells at Annoying Solicitors

I would also want to get one of these literally life-like door knockers!

Isn’t it annoying when unexpected strangers come to visit your house just because they want to sell something or talk you into getting into some group or club? We all know its classic: representatives knocking on your door and telling you that you need their product. But what if we totally get rid of these strangers? Wouldn’t our life be a bit more peaceful?

Energy Online just did that: get rid of strangers asking you to buy products or do a demo. And they did that in the most creative way: with a yelling door knocker. However, these salespeople are just persistent as they tried to talk to the door knocker. Little did they know, it isn’t just the door knocker that comes to life but the horned statue as well. Watch the faces of the representatives as they get the shock of their career!

Watch the hilarious video here:

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I think I would want a door knocker that yells as well the next time a stranger knocks on my door!



Brave Couple Gets a Surprise When They Walked Into A Theater Full Of Mean Looking Bikers

What would you do if you were there?


Imagine you're going to the movie house with your significant other, excited to see the latest comedy flick. Armed with a tub of popcorn and tall cups of sodas, you enter the dimly-lit theater with your partner. A quick scan of the theater shows that the people sitting inside the theater - aside from the two of you - are heavily tattooed, big-bodied bikers. What's more, you're shocked to find that the only available seats are those right in the middle of the intimidating-looking bikers. What do you do then?

This was exactly the dilemma of innocent couples who unknowingly participated in a set-up prepared by the people behind Carlsberg Beer, a German beer brand. The team filled Kinepolis Cinema in Brussels with 148 scary-looking gentlemen and deliberately left two unoccupied seats in the midst of the bikers, just to see how the couples would react.

Watch the video below:

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Woman Strolls Through NYC in Street Clothes vs. in Hijab – Bystanders’ Reactions are so Different!

The bystander’s responses to the woman in the situations were severely contrasting!


Even in this modern age, women all over the world still suffer from gender inequality and sexual harassment. In some countries, women are restricted from exercising the most basic of rights, such as education. In some cases, women are still considered as the inferior sex and are forced to face harassment and blatant disrespect from men.

This video, shot in New York, shows a social experiment wherein a woman walks down the busy streets wearing two sets of clothes - five hours in ordinary street clothes first, then another five hours in a "hijab" - the typical outfit for Muslim women.

Watch the video for the striking difference between the two situations:...

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Drunk Guy Freaks Out After His Friend Pranked Him With Drunken Facial Tattoo

Drunk persons and mischievous friends are never a good mix.


It's a typical Friday night and you decide to spend it with your friends, a bottle of good ol' whiskey, and several shots of mixed alcoholic drinks. Naturally, you get home drunk as a skunk and as soon as your face hits a soft surface you black out.

The next morning, you wake up with a killer hangover and a hideous tattoo on your face. You wonder, while looking at the mirror, how that tiger became imprinted on your face while your roommate snickers behind your back.

This is what happened when a man got pranked by his own friend. When he woke up from his drunken stupor, he was shocked to see a tattoo on his face that wasn't there the night before....

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