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Police Department Buys Ice Cream Truck To Give Away Free Ice Cream For Kids





These days, cops have a terrible image – no thanks to those police officers who abuse their authorities and do bad things just because they can. Despite that, it is still heartwarming to know that there are still many good ones out there, doing their best to earn the public’s trust.

Case in point, the Pittsfield Police Department has launched a program called Operation Copsicle. Through the said operation, the cops are aiming to improve community relations by distributing ice cream to young children in their area of jurisdiction.

Aptly-named Operation Copsicle, the Piitsfield Police Department bought an ice cream truck to build better relations with the public.

Officer Darren Derby, who came up with the idea, shared:

“There is no easier way to reach out to kids than through ice cream.”

The ice cream is just a tool – with a deeper purpose.

“The ice cream just gets them there,” Derby explained in an interview, “and that’s when you can have a conversation and they can ask you about things.”

Officer Darren Derby, the brains behind the meaningful project.

“We’ve already served a couple hundred kids and adults,” said the officer.

Children are all-smiles for the cops’ positive presence – and for the free treats!

So far, the community has been very supportive. “It was awesome to see it,” said local resident Tyler Alfonso. “It’s nice for the community.”

According to him, it would have been awesome if they had Operation Copsicle when he was younger.

“Oh, I would have loved it,” added Alfonso. “Free ice cream? You can’t go wrong with that.”

To add to that, some have even went the extra mile to make generous donations for Operation Copsicle, such as brothers Franklin and Matthew – who gave $1,000 from their savings.

Watch the video here:

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