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Your Cat Will Never Get Stuck On Trees Again With This Awesome Overhead Cat Playground





When designing and decorating a home, we want to make sure that everything falls into the right places. On top of ensuring our security, we want a dwelling place to look awesome and feel comfortable at the same time – but what about our pet cats?

Yes, you should likewise take your furry friend’s needs into consideration as you go through the process of home planning. Unlike dogs who are usually content with lying around the dog house or walking around your room, cats are, well, a little more adventurous.

In fact, cats have the tendency to climb windows, furniture, appliances, and worse – the nearby trees. And when they do climb a tall tree, they’ll possibly end up stuck there and you’ll have to make that embarrassing call to the local firemen for help.

Fortunately, there’s Goldtatze – a German company that specializes in crafting overhead playgrounds and walkways for your acrobatic fur ball. And it looks absolutely amazing.

1. Goldtatze’s overhead cat playground will surely keep your cat occupied.

cat-overhead-playground 1

Photo credit: Goldtatze
2. Goldtatze literally means “gold paw” in German.

cat-overhead-playground 2

Photo credit: Goldtatze
3. The playground comes with many cool features.

cat-overhead-playground 3

Photo credit: Goldtatze
4. It has descending ramps, long scratch posts, platforms, rope bridges, and others.

cat-overhead-playground 4

Photo credit: Goldtatze
5. These playgrounds are 100% hand-made and may even include real tree branches.

cat-overhead-playground 8

Photo credit: Goldtatze

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