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Old Torture Methods For Women Who Broke The Law

So, you think that prison time is cruel?

The Middle Ages was not really kind to women who broke the law. There are documents of different torture methods proving that incarceration nowadays is the most humane way of paying for one’s crimes.

Torture as a form of punishment is popular in the past. Below are the various forms of torture methods used on women who trespasses.

1. Scold’s Bridle

It is an iron cage for the woman’s face that is used for punishing women who nagged, gossiped, talked back, or just talked too much. The bridle will be locked on your head and the protruding metal with spikes will be inserted into the woman’s mouth and every time her tongue moves, it will be lacerated.

2. Shrew’s Fiddle

A wood with an opening on both ends will restraint two women fighting. They will be locked together until they made up.

3. Cucking Stool

A chair with no seat often used as a toilet and will be paraded in a walk of shame often used for harlots.

4. Ducking Stool

A chair attached to long beams of wood suspended over a river or pond. The woman will be dunked in the water a few times.

5. Thewe

Women who committed common crimes such as annoying your neighbors by talking too much or having sex outside of marriage will have their neck chained to a post.

6. Drunkard’s Cloak

To punish men and women who committed theft. It is a barrel vessel that is worn by the criminal.

7. Nose Removal

Mutilation or removal of nose is a punishment for promiscuous women in the Middle Ages.

8. Walk of Shame

Shown in the “Game of Thrones,” walk of shame is a punishment for harlotry while they were being paraded around town.

9. Hot Iron Branding

Prostitutes and brothel keepers were branded with a hot iron and banished from the city.

10. Burning at stake

Women accused of witchcraft are burned at stake, which is also used to those who committed heavy crimes.


28 Bizarre Vintage Photos That Prove Our History Was Messed Up

People really did a lot of things differently back then compared to today.

Our history is full of mysteries, most of which were actually quite weird in one way or another. As each generation passes, these ambiguities continue to confuse and amaze us. We might even find it hard to believe that they existed in the first place. Nonetheless, there is nothing we can do. They are part of our history – and they will continue to live on.

Whether you find them scary or bizarre, you cannot simply deny the fact that they are all interesting. So, yeah, why do not we take a look back at some of the weirdest stuff from the past? Below are 28 of them!

#1. Walter Yeo


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6,000-Year-Old Skull Belongs To The World’s Oldest Tsunami Victim

The skull could have been the world’s earliest tsunami victim.

Tsunamis in the past were stronger, bigger and more catastrophic than the ones we experience today. This calamity could wipe out an entire population in an instance and until today, people are still not aware of how a tsunami forms and how it ravages the coastlines.

Thousands of years ago, tsunamis were already causing havoc among populations across the globe. A new evidence shows that a 6-000-year-old skull unearthed in Papua New Guinea in 1929 belongs to an ancient person and now, the oldest known tsunami victim in the world.

The Aitape skull was discovered in 1929.


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Experts Think They Found The Remains Of The Real Noah’s Ark

Researchers might have just discovered where the Noah’s ark landed after the great flood.

The Bible is a rich source of historical accounts of religious figures. As the stories in the sacred book happened a couple of centuries ago, there are actually only little ways to prove that they really happened.

The world has been obsessed on finding evidences to see if the things recorded in the Bible are real. First, researchers tried to locate the cross where Jesus was nailed, then came the search for the remains of biblical characters. But the latest exploration happening around the biblical investigation is the hunt for the Noah’s ark remains.

Expert's claim they just found remnants of Noah's Ark on this mountain in Turkey.


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