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Nokia 3310 Officially Turns 20 Years Old This Month




  • Nokia 3310 is celebrating its 20th birthday this month.
  • The “indestructible” phone was first announced by the company on September 1, 2000.

This month marks the 20th anniversary since the Nokia 3310 was announced for the first time. Back in September 1, 2000, the Finnish tech company made the announcement and unveiled their new device – which has since been well-received by the public for being sturdy and, of course, it’s lengthy battery life.

Yes, the Nokia 3310 was at the top of the line when it comes to mobile devices during those days. Competitors would try to create their own versions but none actually managed to come close in terms of specifications and performance.

Nokia 3310 boasted longer space for text messaging than its predecessors plus a single charge of the battery can last up to 22 hours. Beat that, smartphones!

It’s no surprise that the model eventually managed to sell 126 million units across the world.

Of course, the 3310’s features pales in comparison when it comes to, say, the iPhone of today. These days, we are basically carrying camera-equipped computers with internet access on our pockets!

Still, none of the new phones in the market can be as durable as the 3310. Thanks to its extremely tough casing, owners had nothing to fear when they accidentally dropped their phones. Even the monochrome graphic display didn’t break easily.

No wonder, some users fondly described the indestructible 3310 as a “tank.”

It was so tough it continues to inspire memes to this day.

“That thing was a tank, I never had to worry about a case or babying it,” one netizen reflected.

“It was solid and it just worked. Would buy one just for nostalgic purposes to use as voice only for travel,” admitted another.

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