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Noble Police Officer Gives Up Her K9 Partner for a Marine War Veteran.





Jared Heine is a marine combat veteran who served in Afghanistan with his bomb-sniffing K9, Spike, about three years ago. But the two were separated when Heine sustained traumatic brain injuries and was sent back to his home in Louisiana. Like most war veterans, he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. His mother was so concerned about him and was trying to find a way to help her son cope.

Since Heine constantly talks about Spike and how he misses him, she decided to search for his loyal buddy and reunite them.

She Spike was already assigned to another partner, a Virginia Capitol Police officer named Laura Taylor. It was love at first sight for the officer and for the past two years, she and Spike had become inseparable.

When Taylor learned about Heine, she was caught in a difficult situation. She had to decide whether to keep Spike by her side or let the dog be with this man who obviously loves him too.

As painful as it was for Taylor, she knew she had to do what’s right.

Watch this heartbreaking video:

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Laura Taylor displayed such a noble act that evidently shows how compassionate and kind some police officers are.

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