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New Study Shows That Drinking A Glass of Red Wine Is Equal to An Hour At The Gym!

You’ll definitely want a glass of wine after reading this! 🙂

Mika Castro





Wine lovers all over the world will rejoice with this news…

Drinking a glass of wine can burn fat and is equivalent to an hour of working at the gym!

For many years, it was like a myth or a speculation whether the secret for the svelte figure of Parisienne women lies in the glass of wine which is almost a staple accompaniment to their everyday dining. Finally, two independent researches put this myth to the test.

Is Wine equivalent to the fountain of youth?


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The first study was carried out in the University of Alberta in Canada where the findings suggest that red wine contains an active component called Resveratrol. Resveratrol is responsible for fat-burning effects and is also beneficial for the heart. The head researcher Jason Dyck has this to say about Resveratrol,

I think resveratrol could help patient populations who want to exercise but are physically incapable…

Resveratrol could mimic exercise for them or improve the benefits of the modest amount of exercise that they can do.”

How about wine + ice cream? Can it still burn fat? 😛


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Other effects of resveratrol other than increasing heart rate from physical activities are delaying the signs of aging and toxin buildup since it is also a powerful antioxidant. It also helps prevent heart attack and cancer. On another study conducted by the Oregon University, red wine has the capacity to slow down the growth rate of fat cells. However the research is carried out on Muscadine grape variety only and further tests are needed to strengthen the association.

Red grapes fermented into wine are the best source of Resveratrol


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But of course before we all go guzzling down bottles of wine praying we’ll wake up slim and svelte after the hangover, remember that too much of even the good things become worse. Drink in moderation and stick to just one glass in every meal or before you sleep. Also, the said effects are still just limited to red wine and further tests on humans are needed.

But still, it’s a rightful alibi into indulging with a glass of wine and drinking to our health! 🙂

Source: Huffington Post

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