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Mother Covered In Bruises After Shielding Baby From Hail Storm

Nobelle Borines





A mother would do anything to protect her child. A young mom ended up covered in bruises and cuts when she and her baby were stuck in a hail storm. The protective mama had shielded her daughter from the dangerous hailstones.

Fiona Simpson and her infant were in the town of Kingaroy in Queensland, Australia when the storm struck. The young mother happened to be on the road when the storm got too heavy so she decided to pull over. Unfortunately, the hailstones somehow damaged their vehicle so Fiona did what any mom would do. She protected her child from the hail using her own body.

Simpson sacrificed her own safety for her little daughter.

The ordeal left Simpson covered in cuts and bruises so she felt she needed to warn the public about the dangers of driving during a hail storm. She posted her pictures on Facebook with a stern warning.

“I’ve learnt my lesson today, NEVER drive in a hail storm! We parked on the side of the road when the storm got too heavy and the hail blew out our windows. I covered my infant with my body to stop her from getting badly injured.”

The young mother also asked for tips on how to deal with her injuries. “I know I’ll be sore tomorrow, does anyone know of a cream or ointment that will help with the bruising? My entire back, arms, and head are badly bruised,” she wrote.

The young mother’s sacrifice ensured that her baby was relatively unscathed by the incident.

Not surprisingly, Simpson’s post went viral as people declared the brave mother a true hero. She was praised for her quick thinking and netizens chimed in on the best possible cure for her bruises.

Although Simpson’s story had a happy ending, the hail storm also left several Australian homes in ruins. Some houses lost their roofs while trees were actually ripped from their roots. Hopefully, the small towns will recover after the devastating storm.

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