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Parents Outraged After Man Installs Electric Fence To Keep Kids Off His Lawn

“I’m not in charge of other people’s children.”


Homeowners definitely have the right to do anything to their property. However, Bryan Tucker has a slightly more passive approach when it comes to protecting his personal possessions.

Students and parents in a Virginia neighborhood learned shocking news at the start of this school year. You see, Bryan lives just a few inches away from the bus stop and he got so tired of kids trespassing and littering in his property. His solution? He installed an electric fence!

Bryan posted two signs to a tree in his front yard, reading: “Private Property – hunting, fishing, trapping or trespassing for any purpose is strictly forbidden. Violators will be prosecuted.”

He said:

“We’ve been warning people for years. We called transportation, and they refused to do anything about it. They said it was my responsibility if the kids get hurt on my land and that I need to tell them to get off my land and stay in the street. I’m not in charge of other people’s children.”

To be fair, Bryan has all the right to be upset because he is going to be the one to clean all the mess that students leave in his property. However, putting up an electric fence is certainly a little bit extreme.

Although he posted up a sign that that “violators will be prosecuted,” Bryan never mentioned anything about the electric fence. In fact, James Mehfoud, a resident in the area, found out the hard way.

“I touched it; I got a slight shock, it wasn’t that great. I understand his concern. I just don’t think he understood the neighbors’ concern about their kids. One of them could touch it, fall into it, and get shocked.”

Bryan was initially told he could not have the fence where it was because it was on county property. Instead of taking it down, he said he would just move it back closer to his home.


Adorable Dog Only Responds To Harry Potter Spells

He’s the cutest student at Hogwarts! (Sorry, Cedric)

Any dog can easily learn tricks like "sit", "fetch", or "stay". However, one very special pup went through a truly unique training. The pooch only responds to Harry Potter spells like "Wingardium Leviosa" or "Alohamora". Needless to say, this awesome puppy has already aced his O.W.L.s!

Remus is a long-haired dachshund who belongs to YouTuber Anna Brisbin. Anna adopted the pup after losing her beloved Lexie, who was also a dachshund. When Remus was two months old, Anna began training the pooch using spells from Harry Potter. For instance, when she wants him to fetch his toy, she taught him to respond to "Accio ball."

Meet Remus, the adorable pooch who only responds to Harry Potter spells.

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27 Funniest Cat Pics On The Internet

You gotta check out #9!

Cat pics are without a doubt some of the most shared content on the Internet. We love them and just can’t get enough of them. Their cute facial expressions and adorable antics can make us laugh and feel better on a bad day.

So if you need some cheering up, here are 27 of the cutest and funniest cat pics that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Check them out below:

1. Watch out for that truck, Hooman!

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Chinese Man Damages Spine After Playing Mobile Games While Sitting For Hours

This could happen to anyone.

If you think that playing countless hours of mobile games only affects your eyes — well, think again. This very addictive hobby can actually do more harm than you could ever imagine.

Although it is not yet recognized as a diagnosable disorder, mobile/video game addiction is a very real problem for many people. But even though this disorder can have significant consequences for those suffering from it, its signs and symptoms can sometimes be very difficult to recognize unless the body itself is already telling you that something is wrong.

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