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24 Ridiculous Low-Cost Cosplays That Will Surely Make You Laugh

These costumes are so dumb, they’re actually very funny.


Combining the words “costume” and “play,” cosplay has become a beloved tradition in pop culture across the world. Try attending a comic or sci-fi convention and you’ll see dedicated fans donning the costumes of their favorite characters.

For the most part, you will be impressed with their attention to detail. Good cosplayers make it a point to nail both the costume and characterization right which takes a lot of work and usually costs big bucks.

And then there are these folks from Low Cost Cosplay.

These guys are like the epitome of intentionally bad cosplay. Of course, they’re just doing it for kicks but still, the results are borderline brilliant and ridiculous. You bet you’ll find yourself laughing a lot!

Scroll down and check out these funny photos:

#1. Rapunzel from Tangled

low-cost-cosplay 1

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#2. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

low-cost-cosplay 12

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#3. Queen Elsa from Frozen

low-cost-cosplay 4 (2)

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#4. Genie from Aladdin

low-cost-cosplay 7

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#5. Harry Potter

low-cost-cosplay 16

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#6. Taylor Swift

low-cost-cosplay 13

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#7. Saw

low-cost-cosplay 14

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#8. Pinhead

low-cost-cosplay 10

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#9. The Terminator

low-cost-cosplay 6

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#10. Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean

low-cost-cosplay 3

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#11. Cell from Dragon Ball

low-cost-cosplay 4

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#12. Super Saiyan Son Goku from Dragon Ball

low-cost-cosplay 2

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#13. King from Tekken

low-cost-cosplay 19

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#14. Ryu from Street Fighter

low-cost-cosplay 17

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#15. Guile from Street Fighter

low-cost-cosplay 15

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#16. Captain America

low-cost-cosplay 5

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#17. Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

low-cost-cosplay 9

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#18. Sandman vs. Spider-Man

low-cost-cosplay 11

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#19. Cyclops from X-Men

low-cost-cosplay 18

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay
#20. Majin Boo from Dragon Balls


#21. Evil Queen from Snow White


#22. Baymax from Big Hero 6


#23. Cyclops from X-Men


#24. And finally, the most epic of all… Juggernaut also from X-Men

low-cost-cosplay 20

Photo credit: Low Cost Cosplay

I was literally laughing out loud when I saw that Juggernaut. Gotta admire the guy for his ingenuity and dedication.

Go visit Low Cost Cosplay on Facebook for more hilarious images!


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