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Lab Chimps Were Given Their Freedom After 30 Years of Being Locked Up… This Made Me Cry!





I don’t even want to imagine being in these chimps’ shoes. They were held in captivity for 30 YEARS and spent their time behind bullet-proof glass and metal cages in the lab. Some of them were born in captivity but the others were taken forcibly from jungles in Africa and were sent to Europe to become laboratory animals. Life must have been really terrible for these poor chimps.

After what must have been like an eternity for them, 38 chimps were released into an Austrian sanctuary. One by one, the chimps slowly went out of the cage and explored the enclosure around them. Watch how they react as they felt the sunshine on their skin and the grass on their feet after ages of captivity.

Watch the heartwarming video:

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Hand me those tissues, please! Their reactions are totally priceless! Imagine the taste of freedom after 30 years of being locked up inside the lab, in the mercy of experimentation. I hope the chimps will live a long and healthy life after this. We can actually track the chimps’ progress right here.

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