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Young Children Spots What isn’t Theirs, Keep Your Eyes On What They Did Next!





Children should be taught good manners and right conduct at a very young age. Good attitude should be firmly instilled in them early in life so that they can carry it through when they become adults. Whilst there are still good Samaritans everywhere and we appreciate them, we can’t help but feel a special kind of joy upon seeing children doing good deeds.

In this social experiment, young children were asked by their companions to fall in line and wait. Suddenly, the adult next to them drops his/ her wallet, and the children are left with a decision to return, ignore or grab the wallet.

Watch the video below to find out how the kids responded:

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All the participants in the social experiment returned the wallets. It is wonderful to see young children with such pure innocence and genuine good will! Yes, it is innate for them to do good but it is up to the parents and guardians how they can discipline their kids to continue living with integrity and responsibility as they grow into adults.

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Credits: Japanese Red Cross PR via The San Francisco Globe

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