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44-Year-Old Mom-of-Seven Shows Off Inspiring Result of Her Fitness Journey





Be honest: What image do you picture in your mind when you think of a woman who is 44 years of age and is a mother of seven children? Do you imagine a gorgeous, young-looking hottie? Probably not.

That’s why it’s truly inspiring and amazing to see how one woman managed to stay in shape despite, yes, being 44 – plus bearing and rearing 7 kids!

Jessica Enslow, who lives in Utah, was only 19 when she had her first baby.

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She gave birth to her first child in 1994 and then the second baby came in 1996 when she was 21. Later on, her family grew and added 5 more children from two different husbands in the span of 19 years.

“Her four eldest children are from her first marriage,” reported DailyMail, “and her last three are from her second.”

Despite that, Jessica showed us all that it is possible for anyone to improve physically as long as he or she is willing to pay the price.

Now some people even mistake her as her eldest child’s sister!

Source: Instagram

Her followers on Instagram often point out that Jessica and Allysa, her eldest daughter, look more like sisters than mother and daughter.

Beautiful just like her mommy! Alyssa during her 23rd birthday.

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Clearly, many people are inspired by Jessica’s transformation. She admits, however, that it wasn’t an easy journey.

Jessica shared that she immediately gained weight during her first pregnancy.

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“I literally got home from the hospital and immediately put on my pre-pregnancy jeans only to find they wouldn’t go any farther than mid-thigh

“This is when extreme fear and a little depression set in.”

Jessica drew inspiration from the support of her husband and older children.

Source: Instagram
Despite being a busy mom, she found ways to include daily workout in her schedule.

Source: Instagram

In the past, she consumed Nutella every single day.

“I used to eat Nutella by the spoonful, and on my toast and on my bananas.

“That’s when things started getting REALLY out of hand with my body composition and finally prompted me to change my daily habits.”

These days, she hits the gym three times a week while her children are in school.

Source: Instagram

As she wrote on an Instagram post:

“I know if there’s a will there’s a way

“It’s been an adjustment for us, but it’s working really well for now. I always say, ‘You do what you can!’ Be strict about your goals & flexible on how to achieve them!”

You can do it from your own homes, Jessica said.

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“There are plenty of moms out there who have made tons of progress from their own homes. Make modifications, if necessary, but we can all improve our health if we really want to!”

Check out more of her photos below:


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As for her advice to everyone? Jessica reminded:

“Just stay consistent and if you fall off the wagon, just brush it off and get back at it as soon as you are able!”

In case you’re interested to follow Jessica’s fitness adventures, you can check out this inspiring mom on Instagram.

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