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Raw Footage Captures Moment When ISIS Suicide Bomber Blew Up A Church In Egypt





It is times like this when we really wish ISIS could already be wiped out from the face of the earth – for good. In a video shared online by Associated Press, you will see Abu Abdallah al-Masri entering the chapel next to St Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo, Egypt. The structure blew up shortly thereafter.

According to reports, the 22-year-old suicide bomber carried a 12kg bomb.

Source: YouTube
The brutal attack led to the death of 25 people, 19 of whom were adults and 6 were children. 49 others were also injured.

Source: YouTube

The footage was taken just outside the chapel and it shows al-Masri crossing the street and walking into the church.

Watch the raw footage here:

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The Interior Ministry of Egypt said that al-Masri is a part of a terror cell funded by Muslim Brotherhood leaders living in exile in Qatar. It is ISIS, however, claiming responsibility for the attack.

The bombing later prompted a series of protests from Christians as they blamed the government for its failure to protect them.

Source: PA images

Activist Nader Shokry lamented:

“How did all this planning take place without the security knowing about it? You are saying that this person belongs to a terror group and has been previously arrested. So you should have kept a close eye on him.”

So far, 3 men and a woman have been arrested in connection with the bombing, reports tell us.

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