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Wife Surprises Husband with Pregnancy Announcement. His Reaction Will Make You Smile!





We all love surprises especially if they involve positive and big announcements in the family or our closest friends. Life’s surprises are what we look forward to, no matter how little or simple they get. These are real life emotions documented, thus, we should cherish every single part of it and be happy. This is one of those moments that is definitely worth capturing.

What a better way for a wife to share the happiness she feels with her other half than recording it via video. The great news–he is going to be a father! Wow! So she then set up a plan inside their room and surprise him with her pregnancy announcement. When her husband finally walked in, it didn’t take long for him to figure everything out. He still couldn’t believe it at first saying,

‘No way! Are you serious? No, you’re Joking!’

When it finally hit him–that there’s no way his wife could be bluffing, he was the happiest husband and soon-to-be father alive! I just couldn’t stop laughing when he added,

‘My boys can swim!’

They surely can.

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The love between this couple simply radiates and I bet they could make great parents too. Announcements such as this are not new to us but this is by far the simplest yet most honest and sweetest surprise ever. Congratulations!

Credits: Nicole Cattolico via sfglobe