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20 of the Most Heartwarming Family Portraits Ever





Perhaps nothing is more important in this world than our families. As popular philosopher and author George Santayana once eloquently put, it is “one of nature’s masterpieces.”

Indeed, many of us consider our respective families as our most precious possessions. All of us belong to one and while it is true that no family is perfect, no one loves us better than those we call our own.

So it is with great joy that we present to you this heartwarming collection of portraits featuring several multi-generational families. In a time when traditional families are getting mocked by the world, it’s just refreshing to see these touching photos.

#1. A portrait within a portrait within a portrait…

Source: reddit
#2. Daughter, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother.

Source: mattieaarts
#3. A father’s kiss.

Source: reddit
#4. Three generations.

#5. Five-generation family photo (Ages 93, 72, 50, 28, and 0.5).

Source: imgur
#6. Four generations.

#7. Three generations of female twins.

#8. Another multi-generational photo in frames.

Source: reddit
#9. Six generations – from an infant to a 111-year-old great, great, great grandma.

Source: abcnews
#10. The unity of four generations.

#11. An 80-year gap caught in a single photo.

Source: 500px
#12. From book, to laptop, to smartphone.

Source: reddit
#13. Four generations of lovely women.

#14. A photo from 1933. The baby boy is now a grandfather himself.

Source: reddit
#15. Welcoming a cute newborn into the world.

#16. It’s kinda sad that the great grandfather was no longer around when this photo was taken.

#17. Five generations in one family.

Source: pinterest
#18. No camera timer? No problem! You’re still in the family photo.

Source: imgur
#19. Another five-generation photo.

Source: imgur
#20. Now we gotta reserve this one for the last. It’s just adorable and funny!

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