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Cheeky Dolphin Tries to Make a Girl Stay by Bumping His Nose Against Her Bottom!





Who knew a dolphin can have separation anxiety issues too? Well given that they are some of the most intelligent animals on earth, they can be very expressive. This must be the reason why humans generally find them cute or adorable.

They are known for their peaceful nature too. They can be trained easily and are quite friendly with humans. Perhaps too friendly, that in this video one dolphin doesn’t want his newfound female friend to leave just yet. He expressed this none other than by nudging the woman’s behind repeatedly. The woman and the other tourists laugh away in jest at the uncommon gesture.

Watch the dolphin plea for more playtime in this video

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And while we’re on the subject of dolphins taking a liking to humans as friends, this other one may have more than friendship in mind! It can be quite bothersome to others or funny, but as we told you, these animals can be very expressive. Also, it just must be mating season? We’ll let you judge the footage for yourself.

Bonus video: A dolphin liking this female diver a little too much

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Well scary or funny, we still think they are quite adorable <3
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