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Niagara Falls Becomes Frozen During Winter, and It Looks Like Narnia

Here is your modern fantasy land, folks!


The Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and it is a crime not to pay it a visit it. Apparently, during winter, this beaut becomes a truly breathtaking site. And it actually looks like something from the fantasy movie called The Chronicles of Narnia.

There is also a cool thing about this phenomenon. First and foremost, the falls do not really freeze completely. And although ice jams may or may not temporarily still the waters, ice only forms at the very base of the falls. Subsequently, this forms what is now called “ice bridge.” The water, in particular, keeps flowing underneath the two main cataracts, namely the smaller American Falls and the bigger Horseshoe Falls. Both simply make up the frozen facade.

Still, if you are a travel enthusiast and want to experience something majestic, the frozen Niagara Falls is your best bet. Many of its areas have been turned into ice, all of which are dangling precariously on the rocks. It is really like a Narnia-ish land, one that you can only imagine from reading books or watching movies.

Check out the photos below and get ready to be amazed! You are definitely going to love them – all of them.



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Whether or not you have watched the Chronicles of Narnia, you cannot deny the fact that this frozen Niagara Falls seems like a fantasy land. Well, why not let us know what you think about this amazing place? We would love to hear from you!


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