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What This Flight Attendant Did During A Safety Demo is Just Plainly Hilarious!

Little did the passengers know they were in for a ride!

Have you ever dozed off during a flight safety demo? I guess, we all have.

Aside from the fact that sometimes we have to deal with uptight attendants, weird co-passengers, the ear crackling sound the plane creates during take off, safety demos are one of the other things we do not look forward to when aboard a flight.

That’s why a lot of airlines have become creative in presenting the safety demo.

One airline tried to be creative by featuring 80’s icons in their flight safety video…

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Son Doong: A Closer Look Inside the World’s Largest Cave

This underground kingdom currently holds the title of being the largest cave in the planet.


Are you craving for an adventure? Are you into spelunking? Back in 1991, a farmer named Ho Khanh chanced upon a cave while collecting firewood deep in the forest of Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park in Vietnam. He noticed that the clouds started to gather in the sky, and decided to shelter himself from the storm. But then he heard the sound of a strong wind and a loud gush of water reverberating from the boulder behind him. Khanh walked towards the direction of the sound, found the cave’s huge entrance, and the wide river that was flowing out of it.

"I was very surprised. I thought I knew many caves in this region, but this one was so different and seemed to be untouched by man. It was pitch black, but judging by the feeling of the air, I thought I was walking into a huge space. The strong wind blowing felt like something from the underworld," Khanh said.

The farmer was unequipped so he decided not to go further inside.


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Incredible Gigantic Man-Made Structures Across the World

These massive structures will surely leave you breathless!


Remember the Tower of Babel in the Old Testament and the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt? Well, those are two of the tallest and biggest mad-made structure recorded during ancient times.

Apparently, men never stopped dreaming - and building - big things. In our times, we also have numerous gigantic and inventive mad-made structures that will surely amaze you. These man-made structures can vary from monuments and spheres, to lighthouses and radio towers. It's really awesome how modern technology has evolved and brought us such architectural treasures.

Let's take a look at the pictures of these massive structures by scrolling down below. We're sure you will be impressed by the breathtaking photos captured by different photographers from various locations across the world....

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Before Turning 2 Years Old, Bodhi Bennett Hikes More than 483 Km With His Parents

2-year-old Bodhi Bennett may be very young he’s probably hiked more than you have.


Being able to recognize names of familiar people, follow simple instructions, and say two-to-four-word sentences are among the developmental milestones of a typical, growing two-year-old kid. However, a toddler named Bodhi Bennett achieved something most adults haven’t done yet in their lives.

Believe it or not, Bodhi has hiked more than 483 kilometers before his second birthday.

The backpacking toddler had conquered the most spectacular mountains in the US along with Blake, his father, and pregnant mother Shannon. In fact, the young boy experienced his first outdoor adventure when he was just five days old. That’s pretty adventurous for a newborn, right?...

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