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Father Sets Up Camera to Capture Fiancee’s Intense Labor and Birth of Daughter

The baby came before the midwives arrived so daddy helped deliver her himself!

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Impending fatherhood can make daddies-to-be accomplish amazing things they would otherwise not think of doing.

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Take the case of photographer and certified proud dad, Martin Boyce, who kept a cool head under pressure and documented his fiancee’s emotional labor and birthing. Even in the frenetic moments, they both realized the baby was coming early.

Martin even had to act as impromptu doula when his daughter arrived before the midwives even got to their Leicester home!

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Martin’s fiancee, Holly Dawson, 24, went into labor at the unholy hour of 3:30 on a Sunday morning, way before her scheduled due date.

Martin, 35, had previously expressed his wish to film the baby’s birth and had his camera equipment all packed and ready to bring to the hospital when the baby arrived.

And she decided to arrive early!

Holly woke Martin up, and they both just barely made it to the living room after loading the car and calling the midwives before contractions began in earnest.

Martin found Holly on all fours in the living room, grunting in pain. Fortunately, his mother, Polly, had been alerted earlier, and had rushed to their home to take over communication details with the midwives while Martin held his trembling fiancee.

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While the midwives were still on their way, a panicked Holly said she needed to push. Martin looked down and saw the baby already crowning, and suddenly, with one mighty heave from Holly, their daughter, Isabelle Olivia, fell with a gush into her father’s arms!

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All the while, the camera was recording the whole beautiful miracle of their child’s birth, a filming both parents had forgotten momentarily as they concentrated on getting Isabelle out safely.

The midwives arrived shortly after, and both mother and baby were brought to the hospital, where a healthy Isabelle registered at 7lbs and 2oz.

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Source: Newsteam

Martin later admitted that he was scared out of his mind during the whole birthing process, but was glad he was there to give hands-on support and to fully participate in his daughter’s arrival.

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Source: Newsteam
He is also anticipating telling Isabelle the story of her terrifyingly crazy birth, and show her this video:

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