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The Power of Forgiveness: Dad Forgives Drunk Teen Who Killed His Family in Car Accident





Forgiving is a hard and brave thing to do. Because more than guts and courage, forgiving requires us to have peace of mind and heart to be able to move on from the past and let go of the things and persons who have wronged us.

For many, even the littlest things are hard to forgive, but what if you lose your entire family due to the carelessness of another person? Would you ever forgive that person?

Meet Chris Williams, a father and a husband who lost his family members in a car crash accident involving a drunk teenager. In 2007, the family was inside their car when Chris noticed that the headlights of a speeding car was coming right at them. Chris tried to avoid it but unfortunately, his pregnant wife, their unborn child, their second son and only daughter were killed. Only Chris, his other son and the drunk driver named Cameron White survived.

After the accident, Chris wanted to meet Cameron, not because he wanted to curse him, but because he wanted Cameron to move on from the painful tragedy as well.

“The thought and sentiment I expressed as I sat down with Cameron was simply this, that if through the forgiveness or through anything else he had seen or heard about me doing after the accident, that he should know it was merely the Savior working through me,” Chris said, “I had merely put myself in a position to be a vessel…”

Watch their video here:

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We think it is amazing for Chris to find that seed of grace in his heart to forgive Cameron. We hope this post was able to inspire others to forgive the people who have wronged them. Yes, it may be hard, but once we have found that courage in our hearts, peace and forgiveness will surely reign.

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