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A Fashion Show with Ducks as Models… Now I’ve Seen Everything!

In Australia there is an annual fashion parade … for ducks.






Pets wearing clothes is nothing new. I’ve seen lots of cats, dogs, and even pigs donning the cutest outfits that their smitten owners make them wear.

So yes, I thought I’ve seen it all when it comes to pet fashion, until I came across some of the pictures from the Sydney Royal Easter Show, one of Australia’s biggest events. Because here we have ducks and geese wearing the prettiest dresses an animal could ever dream of wearing.

Here comes the duck, all dressed in white!

duck-in-dresses 1

Pretty in pink!

duck-in-dresses 2

Such pretty hats!

duck-in-dresses 3

So quaint!

duck-in-dresses 4


duck-in-dresses 5

Hey, I’d kill for those dresses!

duck-in-dresses 6

People flock to the Pied Piper Duck Show to see these adorable ducks and geese with wardrobes to kill for. The man responsible for these beautiful outfits is farmer Brian Harrington, who has been dressing his ducks for 30 years now. Aside from the dresses, what amazes me is that Mr. Harrington was able to make his birds behave and strut around in haute couture. If I ever get the luck to visit the land down under, I will make sure to attend the show and see these birds in person.

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This Guy’s Friend Pulled The Most Epic Organ Theft Prank Ever!

Do you think his friends have gone too far?

Inah Garcia



Pranks are meant to cause a few good laughs and maybe give a little scare to the 'victims'. These are surefire ways to entertain and sometimes annoy people. They have become so popular that some television shows now feature all types of pranks. There are also tons available on the Internet, but we have to say that the prank below is probably the most extreme!

Pranks are most common among friends, and when one goes too far, expect the victim to seek revenge. In this video, the prankster initially explained that he is going to pull a prank on his friend. Apparently, this friend previously faked the death of the prankster's wife. So, it's time for revenge. The prankster made his victim watch a news report, which he also made himself. The news presented detailed information regarding recent organ theft cases in Tampa Bay. Later that night, they went out to grab some drinks in Tampa Bay, and then THIS happened...

Watch the video:

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Kid is Upset Over Hillary’s Announcement to Run for President.

Kid sees Hillary Clinton as an opponent for the presidential election, and he’s not happy about it.

Jessa Ventures



While some democrats are rejoicing after Hillary Clinton's recent announcement that she will run for presidency in 2016, and while other feminists are rooting for her to become the first female president of the United States, this little boy doesn't seem pleased at all after hearing the said news.

Zeke's sentiment is that he couldn't run for president because Hillary is. He didn't see it coming, I guess. Now he is so upset about his 'candidacy' being 'at stake' that he couldn't stop crying while holding his pacifier. Poor child. When asked about why everyone should vote for him, he said in all honesty, "Because I want to run for president." Plain and Simple. He might have mistaken the 'White House' for a 'playhouse.' 

For all we know, this kid could be anyone's rival for the presidency in the future. But for now, let's give Clinton and her opponents a good and honest election while this adorable kid enjoys his 'toys and play,' just like he said.

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Mom Forced to Choose Between Two Sons Who BOTH Needed Her Kidney to Live

It was the toughest decision a mother could ever be made to face.

Joy Adalia



It was the toughest decision a mother could ever be made to face – and it certainly broke her heart to make a choice between her two sons who both needed her kidney to live. Of course, she only has to choose one because she needed her other kidney to stay alive.

Faced with the heartbreaking dilemma, Lian Ronghua could only cry helplessly as she contemplated which among the two she should choose: the elder Li Haiqing (26 years old) or younger Li Haisong (24 years old). Her husband’s kidneys were alright but he could not become a donor because of his high blood pressure.

An inconsolable Ronghua with elder son (center) and younger son (in bed)

Tragic Mum Faces Sophies Choice Over Which Child Must Die

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