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A Fashion Show with Ducks as Models… Now I’ve Seen Everything!





Pets wearing clothes is nothing new. I’ve seen lots of cats, dogs, and even pigs donning the cutest outfits that their smitten owners make them wear.

So yes, I thought I’ve seen it all when it comes to pet fashion, until I came across some of the pictures from the Sydney Royal Easter Show, one of Australia’s biggest events. Because here we have ducks and geese wearing the prettiest dresses an animal could ever dream of wearing.

Here comes the duck, all dressed in white!

duck-in-dresses 1

Pretty in pink!

duck-in-dresses 2

Such pretty hats!

duck-in-dresses 3

So quaint!

duck-in-dresses 4


duck-in-dresses 5

Hey, I’d kill for those dresses!

duck-in-dresses 6

People flock to the Pied Piper Duck Show to see these adorable ducks and geese with wardrobes to kill for. The man responsible for these beautiful outfits is farmer Brian Harrington, who has been dressing his ducks for 30 years now. Aside from the dresses, what amazes me is that Mr. Harrington was able to make his birds behave and strut around in haute couture. If I ever get the luck to visit the land down under, I will make sure to attend the show and see these birds in person.

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