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An Elephant Was Trapped In The Mud For 12 Hours. Then Something EPIC Happened!





After spending 12 hours trapped in a mud pit near Chyulu Hills National Park in Makindu in Kenya, a helpless elephant was finally rescued by construction workers.

Apparently, the young elephant was looking for water in the area, but ended up sliding into the muddy pit. Local farmers found the distressed mammal trying to escape its murky prison, but failed to help hit get out.

Fortunately, wildlife conservationists were able to get the help of a construction company China Road and Bridge Corporation. The group of construction workers working on a nearby railroad rescued the elephant by digging the mud to free the animal.

Jeremy Goss, a 30-year-old conservation scientist and wildlife photographer, was able to capture the amazing moment on video.

“It was heartbreaking to see the elephant in the well, particularly because the community had not been very keen or able to help it out,” Goss shared.

Here’s the video of the dramatic rescue.

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Source: APlus

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