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Elderly Dad Receives a Letter from His Estranged Gay Son 26 Years After His Death





A dad will always be his son’s first hero. No matter what happens or whatever they both go through, a son will always look up to his father.

A father and a son would have misunderstandings, grow apart, fight and never talk to each other, but their love for each other will never fade away.

Every son has this special love for his father, much like a father loves his son.

Duane Schrock wrote this letter to his estranged dad for Fathers’ Day many years ago.

letter 5

His dad frowned upon his homosexuality and even told him to make peace with God.


The letter never came as Duane Schrock Sr., kept on moving from one state to another.

letter 4

Good thing the mail service never gave up in finding Duane Sr.

letter 3

Finally, Duane’s letter to his dad arrived. It was worth the wait after 26 years.

letter 6

Watch as Duane Sr. reads his son’s letter here:

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A dad will always be a son’s first hero no matter what happens, until eternity. So, have you kept in touch with your dad lately? Leave a comment below.