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Medical Research Offers Big Bucks if You Inject Yourself With Ebola Virus

If you dare, that is!


If you are broke and are looking for an opportunity to earn quick bucks, here’s something you might want to check out. Or probably not!

Hammersmith Medicines Research (HMR) recently invited interested individuals to participate in their medical research for a paycheck of £750 (roughly around US$1,160). What would they ask you to do? Well, they will inject you with Ebola.

The requirement set by HMR is that the person should be physically healthy and is between the ages 18 through 65. According to the ad they posted on the Evening Standard, they are looking for people that are “interested in helping medical research into a vaccine for Ebola and being paid for (it).”

Ebola virus spread is particularly rampant in West Africa. Experts hope to find a cure soon.

ebola-injection 2

Photo credit: HuffingtonPost

Ebola, of course, is a virus that has gone epidemic in West Africa. In 2014 alone, for example, Guinea had 3,350 laboratory-confirmed cases while 2,536 deaths were recorded. Sierra Leone, on the other hand, had 8,704 cases wherein 3,955 died. This is all based on the reports published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Just last month, Oxford University also looked for patients who were willing to be injected a single protein Ebola virus. The patients were observed and the results were kept in order to add to the ongoing research for the cure of the said disease.

ebola-injection 1

Photo credit: ExcellenceInjections

HMR will launch their own research come November and they are hoping people will respond to their advertisement. The study involves up to 12 outpatient visits within the next 12 months. And of course, medical experts from the HMR say that there is no risk for patients to acquire Ebola in the process.

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US Navy Unveils Ship-Based Laser Weapon That Can Target Moving Boats And Aircrafts

Just like sci-fi flicks and video games!

Believe it or not, the United States Navy already has a laser weapon that can destroy moving targets.

I know that sounds very sci-fi-ish but it’s true. The weapon has already been introduced to the public and its capabilities are really quite astonishing.

First and foremost, the 30-kilowatt laser weapon is ship-based and navy officials are claiming that it can hit speeding boats or aircraft with amazing accuracy. The technology was first demonstrated at the Persian Gulf to show its power.

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This 3D-Printed Plasma-Shooting Railgun Is Seriously Epic!

Quite impressive! This homemade weapon fires graphite, aluminum, tungsten, and even plasma at 560 mph.

The technology of 3D printing is pretty incredible.

Equipped with a printer, any person can easily create 3-dimensional solid objects such as, say, a coffee cup, a wall clock, an iPhone case, a toy car, a bikini, or even an acoustic guitar.

Yes, you get the picture. You can make anything with a 3D printer provided that you have the right digital file, of course. It’s like having a small factory in your home since you wouldn’t have to go out and buy an item anymore. Instead, you can simply print it.

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PowerUp’s Head-Controlled Paper Airplane Drone Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today!

This definitely looks like a fun toy to play with.

We all grew up making and playing with paper airplanes but how many of us have fancied flying on an actual paper plane? Probably all of us, right? Well, here’s a new technology that brings you close to that experience.

This upcoming invention from the genius guys over at PowerUp Toys is absolutely worth a look.

Of course, you may have already heard about PowerUp as the company that created the PowerUp 3.0, a smartphone controlled paper airplane which made more than a million dollars raised by over 21,000 backers over at Kickstarter.

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