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Rare Breed of Chicken With The Weirdest Legs Is Incredibly Popular And Expensive In Vietnam.





There are several things Vietnam is famous for but this one falls under both, ‘odd’ and ‘popular.’ A rare breed of chicken is remarkably famous in Vietnam for of its delicious meat which is exclusively served in restaurants that cater to affluent customers.

Dubbed as Dong Tao, this unique type of chicken is also known for its imposing figure and stout legs covered with reddish scales. The male adult Dong Tao weighs about 6 kilograms and its legs are as thick as a human’s wrist.

The price for a Dong Tao chicken meat is quite steep too. A pair of it can be sold for a whopping $2500. The current largest purebred farm for such breed is located in Dong Hoa commune, Vietnam’s Dong Nai province. This farm is owned by Vu Ngoc Tuan who has 400 pairs of breeding stock and supplies dozens of Dong Tao chickens to restaurants in HCM City every day.

Rare breed of chicken is famous in Vietnam because of its imposing figure…


…and strangely stout legs!


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Tuan first purchased 10 Dong Tao chickens just ‘for fun’ and has spent several years trying to understand the right way to breed them. He learned that birds do not like living in captivity so he placed them in a more spacious farm with a plenty of room and exercise.

According to him, Dong Tao hens tend to lay fewer eggs than regular ones because of their unusually large feet  that make the hatching process difficult. To solve this, he then devised a manual hatching technique to preserve as many eggs as possible.

The male adult Dong Tao can weigh up to 6 kilograms.


Its legs are as thick as a human’s wrist.


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…or about the size of a bottle!


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A pair of Dong Tao chickens can be sold for $2500.


Photo credit: gadongtaohungyen
It is also known for its delicious meat.


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Photo credit: danviet
Which is served exclusively in restaurants that cater to the wealthy.


It takes about a year of free-range farming for these chickens to fully mature and be sellable.


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Van Dinh Ha, a chicken farmer from Trung Dinh hamlet, agrees that,

The bird is in high demand, but also in short supply.

Because of this, the potential for profits is far higher than that of a regular poultry farm.

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‘My birds attract many people from neighbouring Hai Duong, Bac Giang, Bac Ninh and Hanoi,’ Van added.’
‘The sales are so good that there are only two roosters left in the coop now. Last year, my income from chicken rearing was up 60 percent.’

Dong Tao has enticed many tourists too, mostly from Europe and America while England and Japan are interested in importing the breed for research.

Those legs reminds me of Godzilla!


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