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With Humans in Lockdown Due to Covid-19, Animals are Taking Over Deserted Cities




  • As most people remain indoors to flatten the curve of the global pandemic, animals are taking over the streets in some areas.
  • Peacocks, coyotes, and goats wander around the streets; wild turkey have claimed schools as their new territory; and monkeys fight on the streets for food.
  • Netizens have seen a rise in posts about sightings of wild animals, and it might not mean well.

As COVID-19 continues to threaten humans, compulsory lockdowns and social distancing measures continue to be implemented in the hopes of controlling the spread of the disease. These directives have affected not only the local communities but even the wildlife.

As it appears, the animals have started acting differently following the pandemic. Numerous netizens have captured and shared pictures and videos of animals flocking over to unexpected areas.


In the city of Lopburi, north-east of Bangkok, there is a food war going on between the street monkeys and the temple monkeys.

A video posted by Sasaluk Rattanachai showed how some monkeys overtook the streets in search of food. Normally fed by the tourists visiting the city, the monkeys are now on their own because of the travel ban. Rattanachai said the monkeys now look like starving wild dogs.


In New Delhi, hundreds of monkeys also crowded the city streets because of the lockdown.


On Twitter, Kurumi Mori posted pictures of a group of deer invading the city streets, subway stations, and residential areas in Japan,eatungnflowers and plants.


Before the pandemic, they used to stay in Nara Park and were often fed by tourists.

United States

In America, Twitter users have shared photos of coyotes prowling the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco. The animals looked like they are on a food hunt while the local residents are staying indoors.

In Oakland, California, Charlotte Simmonds posted about wild turkeys settling in an elementary school after the outbreak.


In Tel Aviv, Israel jackals were spotted around the areas of Yarkon Park searching for something to eat.


In Europe, a wild boar came down from the hills and strolled down the streets of Barcelona. Some peacocks forayed into the streets of Ronda in Spain.

United Kingdom

In North Wales, a herd of wild goats descended on Llandudno, a popular coastal tourist town, as seen on a Twitter video uploaded by Andrew Stuart.

According to experts and advocates, these social media posts should cause us to feel alarmed for the animals.

“They [the animals] are becoming sick. We fear many more will die in coming days if they do not get food,” said Sushmita Roy, spokeswoman for the Love and Care for Animals group.

“It getting tougher day by day here,” remarked Aditi Badam of the Posh Foundation. She shared that the shelters are already struggling as they receive more reports of animals who have been left to fend for themselves.

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