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This Curious Pup Named Freddy Tried a Different Kind of Fun on His Own!





It is a fact that dogs are loving, loyal creatures, therefore there are several of them that are being trained to assist human beings in various tasks. From service to therapy dogs, our four-legged friends can surely be relied on.

Unlike service dogs, therapy dogs provide comfort, joy, and love to people in nursing homes, hospitals, and in classrooms. A study suggests that the presence of these dogs, even for just 12 minutes, can help lower blood pressure and relieve anxiety in patients with cardiovascular conditions. Both humans and dogs show neurological signs of happiness as evidenced by an increase in dopamine and oxytocin levels, due to the visits.

But before they become such dependable animals, they have to undergo weeks or months of extensive training like these five cockapoos in the video. These adorable, five-week-old pups are subjected to a therapy dog training exercise. At first we see them being introduced to an environment that resembles a playground, with lots of trinkets around for them to play with. The pups are exposed to such environments to help them adapt to settings where there might be several stimuli occurring at the same time.

But one particular curious pup named Freddy wanted to try something else so he wandered off and tried a different kind of fun on his own…

Watch this really cute video:

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H/T: Pawmygosh, Animal Planet, Prevention

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