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Circus Trainer Gets Brutally Attacked By Lions In Front of Shocked Live Audience

Terrified kids and parents witnessed the anger of lions.

Going to the circus might sound like a good idea for a fun day out with the kids. However, parents and children who went to a circus in Lviv, Ukraine were left terrified after two lions angrily attacked their trainer during the show.

This is totally not what you’re expecting to see when you go watch a wholesome circus.

Circus trainer Oleksiy Pinko was savagely mauled by two lions in front of the audience.

Source: YouTube

Before the attack, the live audience watched as the circus trainers performed their act. The lions willfully obeyed them and performed their tricks. However, one of the animals aggressively jumped towards Oleksiy Pinko, a trainer, knocking him over.

A water hose was used to scare the animal away.

Unfortunately, things didn’t end there yet.

The trainer got back up on his feet and started hitting the animal with a stick which, apparently, angered it even more.

The lion pinned Pinko to the ground and other circus crew came to his rescue.

Source: YouTube

In response, another lion also started attacking them.

As you can imagine, the audience were completely shocked as they watched everything unfold onstage. The children screamed in fright while some of the parents rushed off the place, covering the eyes of their little ones.

Watch the video here and see how it all happened:

According to a report posted online by The Sun, Oleksiy Pinko was taken to the hospital for an emergency surgery. Fortunately, he recovered from the injuries caused by the gruesome attack.

I guess it’s really best that we leave wildlife alone?

Some of you may remember that years ago, Netherlands started implementing a law that prohibits circuses to use wild animals in the country. Effective 2015, Netherlands has made it illegal for circuses to use bears, elephants, giraffes, and, yes, lions.


Cyclone Leaves a Bull Shark on This Australian Street

As if we need more reasons to NOT go out when a cyclone is in town.

Cyclones leave a whole lot of stuff in their wake after ravaging cities or towns. All sorts of trash and debris are expected sights after such a violent environmental occurrence. But have you ever encountered sharks among the debris littering the streets post-cyclone? We bet you haven't, unless you live in Australia, specifically in the northern state of Queensland.

The locals in Ayr, a town in Queensland, woke up to a strange sight as they pass by the street after flood waters went down following the storm of Cyclone Debbie.

A bull shark just lying there, covered with mud.


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Tourist Lost in the Amazon Forest Claimed That Monkeys Saved His Life

We’ve got a new breed of heroes!


When you are exploring someplace vast like a forest and you get lost, you often turn to your GPS or compass to find your way back. I mean, it's just rational to do that, right? But what if you lose all means of communication with the outside world and you're left alone to fend for yourself in a harsh and unfamiliar environment? Who do you turn to?

Maykool Coroseo Acuña, a 25-year-old tourist from Chile got lost in the Amazon forest for nine days after losing contact with his tour group from Max Adventures as they were exploring Amazon's Madidi National Park in Bolivia. He claimed that he survived those nine days thanks to a group of monkeys that helped him. It sounds awfully weird, right? But Acuña claimed that he owes his life to the primates who fed him and guided him so he can find water and shelter.

Acuña wandered in the Amazon forest for nine days.


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Did MGM’s Leo the Lion Really Munch His Trainer?

Is there any truth at all to this urban legend?

Everyone's familiar with Leo the Lion, Hollywood film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's iconic roaring mascot. Since 1916, there have been seven different lions used for MGM's animated logo. Although the studio referred to all the lions as "Leo," only the present one, in use since 1957, bears the official name.

For decades, there have been urban legends surrounding Leo the Lion and his MGM animated logo recording. Rumor has it that the lion killed his trainer during one of the shoots.

Could there be any truth to the story?


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