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Banned TV Ad Shows A Sultry But Hilarious Game of Strip Poker!

It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes!


The reason why I don’t and can’t ever win in a poker game is because I can’t maintain a proper poker face. No matter how hard I try to keep a straight face, my opponents just seem to read my thoughts easily, and I always end up losing money (oh, poor me). So instead of losing money and some dignity on some silly bet, I just keep away from playing poker.

However, some people have found a way to play poker without losing their money. Have you ever heard of strip poker? It is a type of poker game where players are required to remove their clothing each time they lose a round. Basically, the rules of strip poker are fairly flexible, so it may or may not involve money. Some people prefer to play it because, well, it doesn’t involve money – plus it has some other perks, if you know what I mean.

If you haven’t had the chance to witness an actual strip poker game, this banned and hilarious tv commercial for a brand of vitamins is coming to your rescue. The video begins with four people, two men and two women, playing a round of strip poker. Unfortunately, a woman who now only wears her underwear loses a hand. What happens next?

Watch the video below to find out:

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It wasn’t what you were expecting, was it? It took me by surprise, too!

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Whoever Built These Simple Structures Deserve the Darwin Award for Excellence

29 times when architects didn’t even try.


When building a house, office, or any other structure, builders and architects are required to obtain a permit. For this, building codes and regulations must be met before the authorities give the go signal.

So, it puzzles me beyond belief why these structures were ever made – did no one notice how crazy these other simple structures would have looked if they proceeded with the wrong plans or did the builders simply modify or misread the plans?

Whatever the reason for the mistake, the bungling builders of these crazy structures should receive the Darwin Awards for Excellence!

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Father Asked His Twins To Recite The Lord’s Prayer and It’s Extremely Adorable!

I’ve never heard it done better. Very cute.

Having one child entails a lot of hard work and sacrifices, but having twins doubles the effort. However, this also means twice the fun and fulfillment! In fact, there are lots of parents who wish to have twins so that their kids could have someone of the same age group to play with. In addition, this could also mean a one-time, big-time daycare program in the home.

Twins have special bond between them that no one else could ever have. More than siblings, they have a strong connection that makes them feel like they are one. I guess this is the reason why it's always fun to watch and hear stories about them on the web.

In this video, a pair of twin girls were asked to recite the Lord's Prayer. Being the preschoolers that they are, the execution is not perfect. I cannot even decipher some words and having two cute girls do it at the same time is crazy fun. It's hilarious, and I believe these are the very same moments that parents would treasure forever.

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13 Ridiculous Selfies That Are Totally Cringeworthy

These people should’ve their phones taken away from them.

Can you tell me anyone who has not taken a single 'selfie'? Almost everyone I know have. The best profile, lighting, and sometimes even the perfect smile are considered, so they take and retake photos until they can capture that perfect picture. Of course you have to make sure that you look your best in that photo before you share it on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media!

But do you ever wonder how you look like as you try to capture that perfect selfie? And what if someone else takes your picture as you strike a pose?

Check out 13 of these ridiculous selfie shots below:

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