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Woman Startled By Cockroach, Crashes Car Into Overhead Bridge

We all have that one friend…


Everybody hates cockroaches. We all know they’re gross, stinky, and a bit scary – especially when they take flight! So yeah, I guess it’s safe to say it’s the world’s least favorite insect.

No wonder, a woman in Singapore recently got involved in a vehicular accident after spotting a cockroach inside her car. How bad is the damage, you ask? Well you have to check out the photos below and see for yourself.

A 61-year-old woman crashed her car into an overhead bridge – all because of a cockroach.

Source: Facebook

According to reports, the incident happened in Jurong East Central towards Science Centre Road after a woman crashed her car into the staircase of an overhead bridge about 7:30 in the morning.

As the pictures show us, both the red Mazda’s bumper and the strairs were terribly damaged as a result.

Apparently, the driver got startled by the sight of the cockroach and lost control of the vehicle.

Source: Facebook

A Channel News Asia report confirms that the accident was all because of a cockroach as the woman got startled by the dreaded insect while driving, swerving towards the wrong direction.

Fortunately, the woman, who was alone in the vehicle, only suffered minor injuries. The police were quickly alerted and she was immediately taken to the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital for treatment. Her son also arrived at the scene following the incident.

As of press time, we are told that the authorities are already investigating the matter.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches In Your Car

Source: Rentokil

The NeverPest website shared several surefire tips regarding how to eliminate roaches from vehicles namely “remove” and “vacuum”.

The site wrote:

“Remove mats and rugs or anything else that is removable. The more bare, the better. It may seem like a shame to take out those decorator floor mats you just bought, but they will prove to be a hindrance when it comes to consistent cleaning.”

They also added:

“Vacuum the whole car front to back every week. The easiest way to do this is to take it to a hand car wash and use their attachments to get into those tight corners.”

Furthermore, the site encourages implementing a “no eating in the car” rule to prevent infestation.


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