Breathtaking Photographs Show How Famous Cities Have Changed Over The Past Decades

It is amazing to think about how seeing the places now, we are so unaware of all that they have been through and take it all for granted. Every skyscraper close to the clouds and the bridges that make us able to get connected to other places that people found it difficult to reach before. Every place has a story and a photograph can, as they say, say a thousand words.

Have you ever wondered how all the famous cities in the world ever looked like before becoming the breathtaking places that they are now?

Here are some of the famous cities all over the world and how they looked like decades before vs. now:

1 Dubai,United Arab Emirates


Source: boredpanda

Witness the rapid growth of the Emirates through these pictures. It was not long before lights filled the air when the night falls in Dubai.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai,United Arab Emirates

Source: boredpanda

2 Shenzen, China


Source: boredpanda

How the world’s most populous state looked like back in the year 1964.

3 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Source: boredpanda

The capital of the United Arab Emirates and the second most populous city next to Dubai’s amazing evolution.

4 London, The Great Britain

London, The Great Britain

Source: boredpanda

The 21st-century city with history stretching far back to the Roman times.

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