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Boy Juggles Crystal Ball That Appears to Float on His Skin

This boy has the blood of wizards.

Dondi Tiples





This boy has the blood of wizards.

If you’ve ever been to a circus, you’ll know juggling forms part of most of the performances. There are clowns juggling various objects, the knife thrower spinning a number of blades in the air, acrobats juggling each other, and even animals that have mastered the art of throwing and catching.

Now here’s a young boy who appears to have a crystal ball that runs across his skin like a playful pet.

Meet my pet crystal ball…

0923 contact juggling

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

Demonstrating how much his beloved crystal sphere adores the surface of his skin, the teenager gives an amazing performance, sliding the transparent orb on his palms, fingers, hands, arms, and chest.

His performance is so mesmerizing, especially with a guy accompanying his hypnotic moves on a cello, and a young lady accenting the highlights of his juggling with her accordion.

Because yes, it is juggling.

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While it may seem the crystal ball is alive and moving across the boy’s skin, he is actually manipulating the orb through a series of movements known as contact juggling.

Contact juggling has been around for centuries, and has been used in vaudeville shows where a single ball is rolled all over the body, seemingly alive and moving on its own volition.

Also known as “crystal ball manipulation,” one of its most famous demonstrations in popular media could be seen in the 1986 hit film, “Labyrinth,” starring the then-teenage Jennifer Connelly, and English musician David Bowie as the crystal ball manipulating Goblin King.

David Bowie’s drag queen…er…Goblin King character from “Labyrinth”

0923 david bowie labyrinth

Photo credit: Pinterest

Of course Bowie’s contact juggling was performed by master juggler Michael Moschen, who stood in for the ethereal singer-actor during his eight (yes, eight!) ball performance, but still…

Getting ready for the grand finale…

0923 contact juggling3

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

And so the smiling boy shuffles the glass sphere around and around, with slow snakelike movements, ending with a pirouette with the crystal ball balanced on his head.

Bravo! Encore!


H/T: Buzzfeed, Pinterest and Wikipedia

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A good horror film knows how to play with the audience’s imagination. It knows how to use the score and the lighting to keep its viewers on the edge of their seats. It has to capture the viewer’s attention and make them relate to the characters. Every scene is like a song that gradually builds up until it reaches the climax. The story does not have to be lengthy---all it needs are the right elements to make you jump out of your seat or scream. Like this short film.

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Mark Andrew



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Dondi Tiples



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