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Here’s What Happens When You Leave a Budding Artist Alone with Her Little Brother





All parents know that children go through a stage when they’re wild and extremely curious; therefore, they’re noisy and playful. And no matter how chaotic things are around your home because of these children, there’s nothing much you can do about them. Besides, it’s natural for children to experiment and explore their world.

So imagine that weird, uneasy feeling when a house full of rowdy children suddenly becomes very silent. As a mom, you’d probably wonder where the children are, and what in the world are they probably doing?

Gina Gardner Brown felt that kind of feeling. She was home alone with her two kids; Emily, then 3-years-old, and her 18-month-old son, Ethan. Brown soon realized how quiet the kids were so she took her video camera, turned it on, and then went to see what the kids were up to.

Brown caught her daughter red-handed (it’s more of brown, actually). Emily smiled naughtily as she played with her sticky hands. And as for Ethan? The cute child was covered with peanut butter from head to toe!

Other moms would have probably freaked out upon seeing such a beautiful mess, but kudos to Brown, she handled the situation well. She said some encouraging words to her daughter, but also calmly said, “Let’s not do this again. This is something we should not repeat.”

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